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If you wish to purchase any of our balloons uninflated, we are selling them at great prices. We are adding more items each day. Please click on the following link https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/catherinec6724




Whilst we can normally accommodate same day order pickups
we request 24 hours notice for all orders placed for local delivery

Delivery is available Tuesday to Saturday with limited time slots available.  Pick up is available every day by appointment only

Stock is subject to availability and will be advised if not available so you can choose an alternative option  

Balloons are placed in bags for the purpose of transporting balloons safely and not for storage for long periods of time

Remove balloons from transport bag as soon as possible 
* Extended time in the bag will result in a reduced float time

Please NoteHelium is sensitive to temperature changes. Cold air causes the helium to shrink, which makes the balloon appear to deflate, although it still floats. Heat can cause the helium to expand and the balloon to burst.  Therefore, the best place to store a helium balloon is a cool, dark room absent of wind and out of direct sunlight or heat.

Sun, together with wind and heat, will biodegrade the latex. That's why latex balloons won't last long if you use them outdoors. The first sign of the degradation is that the balloons oxidize, i.e. they lose their shine and start looking dull, as if they had a thin white layer over their initial color.

High or heavy humidity is another enemy of helium balloons. The moisture in the air sits on the balloon and weights it down. Humidity will decrease the float time. Please keep balloons away from windows and doors and try and keep them in an even temperature of approx 25 degrees.  

When picking your balloons up from us on a hot day please ensure you keep the car cooled to avoid them bursting in high temperatures.