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For balloons to look their best throughout your whole event please request for the delivery or pickup time is within a maximum of 6 hours before the start of the event, the closer to the start time the better.

Helium balloons delivered on Saturday will not be suitable for a Sunday function unless the HI FLOAT option is selected.

Foil Balloons DO NOT require HI FLOAT, and will last 5+ days dependant on the environment. 



HI-FLOAT balloon treatment is a solution of a plastic material dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that greatly reduces helium loss. With ULTRA HI-FLOAT, helium balloons can be prepared a day ahead of time, and balloons will float for several days.

HI-FLOAT is very safe. It is nontoxic, non-irritating, noncorrosive, nonflammable and biodegradable. It is similar to the glue on the back of postage stamps.



When used properly, ULTRA HI-FLOAT increases the floating life of latex balloons by up to 25 times, on average.

The following table shows typical floating times for various sizes of balloons:

Latex Balloon Size Latex Balloon Type Average Flying Time (Helium Only*)

Average Flying Time 


11 inches STANDARD COLORS 15-20 hours 1-3 weeks
11 inches METALLIC OR PEARL 12-15 hours 1-2 weeks
17 inches ROUND 30+ hours 3-5 weeks
18 inches ROUND 36+ hours 3-6 weeks
24 inches ROUND 2-4 days 4-10 weeks
3feet/90cm GIANT 3-5 days 6-20 weeks

To achieve these float times balloons must be kept indoors, in a climate controlled location

Please remember that these are estimates based on typical indoor conditions, and following all instructions. Float times will be shorter outdoors. Float times vary greatly based on factors such as latex quality, humidity, temperature, altitude, etc. Balloons typically float for half as long in hot, humid weather. For maximum float life, hand-tie balloons.



Yes. HI-FLOAT is nontoxic, nonirritating, noncorrosive, nonflammable and biodegradable. It is very similar to the adhesive found on the back of postage stamps. Simply wash it off of skin with water. If the product is accidentally splashed into the eyes, flush the eyes with water for several minutes. Although HI-FLOAT is nontoxic, it is a good idea to keep bottles away from small children.


Remove balloons from transport bag as soon as possible. 
Keep balloons in bag no more than 30 minutes total.
Place Hifloat treated balloons in bag only while transporting.
Extended time in the bag will result in a reduced float time.

Try to keep balloons at a consistent temperature.
Balloons can shrink or expand due to temperature variations.

Keep balloons in a cool location.
If placing balloons in a hot vehicle, cool the car using the air conditioner before putting balloons inside vehicle. 

Keep balloons in a warm location.
If placing balloons in a cold vehicle, warm the car using the air conditioner before putting balloons inside vehicle.

Hanging Photos from Balloons

Please note if you wish to hang photographs/pictures from helium balloons, to create a floating effect, we would suggest you use clusters of to 2-3 Helium Balloons to support the weight over the duration of the event. Please contact us about using 45cm, 60cm, 75cm or 90 cm balloons to ensure your photos look amazing floating from the ceiling for the duration of your event.  A single 30cm helium balloon will not support a photograph/picture adequately over a sustained duration of time.